9 Years of VR — Ruminations & Snippets Pt.x/x

Just some final random thoughts that don’t really go anywhere else accompanied by some photos of fun stuff from over the years

Random Thoughts

  • 9 years, 50+ headsets (40 shown here)
  • 9 (well, 7 really with the lockdown) years of events attendance
  • 400+ interviews, quotes, blogs, talks, panels etc but print is always best
  • Installing HTC Vive-based EDF Energy “Reactor Builder” VR puzzle game inside a massive blow-up tent was a unique experience
  • Take every opportunity to put people into VR no matter where you are
  • LOL remember #gearboggles?
  • Sometimes a VR photo opportunity just presents itself
  • Sad we never got to make the follow-up cow milking VR experience
  • The MMOne VR chair was one of the most unique motion experiences I’ve done (especially hungover)
  • Motorised chairs sometimes have a mind of their own
  • KickStarters are a lot of effort, plan wisely (& speak to Thomas Bidaux)
  • We once had 5 Sams in the studio, now we have none
  • Meeting Palmer Luckey at the Rift launch was a big deal at the time
  • Meeting John Carmack at Oculus Connects was always a thrill
  • Yes blind & partially sighted people can do VR (demos Blind Veterans UK)
  • Getting 3D-scanned (& printed) was fun
  • Always get someone else to manage and build a booth for you if you can
  • Or at the very least hire Virtual Umbrella to do the organisation aspects
  • I painted the VR Lab for mixed reality but this is the main photo from it
  • There’s an upper limit to the number of VR headsets one person can wear
  • Be nice to influencers (AKA content creators) no matter how big or small their audience
  • Sometimes a funny photo you take on holiday foretells the future
  • Being a bridge between industry and education is super-important if you want to be able to hire people with the right skills in the future
  • My Grandma turned out to be a massive advocate of VR
  • Always check a panel you’ve been invited to speak on isn’t a manel
  • Always check the ratio of speakers of an event you’re invited to talk at
  • Support other studios and devs



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Sam Watts

Content Partnerships Lead at HTC Vive // Viveport, living the xR life — follow me on Twitter @vr_sam