Thrilled Anticipation of The Slide VR Experience, Floor 72 of The Shard, London UK

How to be seen demoing VR in public…

So last week I went to London for fun (I know, right…) and took the opportunity to try out some of the more recent public VR experiences.

  • NB. both experiences were initially free upon launch, now they cost £10 each or £15 if you do both (p/person).
  • Rollercoaster and waterslide experiences continue to be one of the most popular genres / types of experience on all VR app stores, especially amongst free content (along with horror).
  • The other VR experience on offer at The Shard is “Vertigo”, a complete rip-off of “Richie’s Plank Experience”, albeit replacing generic cityscape with London and The Shard during-construction 3D models.
  • The HTC Vive / SteamVR setup for Vertigo had visible firmware update requests visible on-screen.
  • The Slide had some noticeable UV mapping errors with stretched textures inside some parts of the tube.
  • I forgot to look but I wasn’t aware of positional tracking with The Slide (which used Oculus Rift) but I guess it was ok and comfortable without.

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